Dr. Heather Holden is an expert at helping people organize their financial lives, prioritize their goals, and devise their investment strategies.

She is most helpful to people at a transition point in life such as following an inheritance or business sale. She helps people feel confident and competent as they become comfortable with a new financial situation.

Heather is an energetic and accomplished Wealth Manager at UBS Bank (Canada).

Prior to becoming an investment specialist, Heather earned a PhD from the University of Waterloo in science and technology and worked as a professor at the National University of Singapore.

She enjoys continually challenging herself as evidenced by her election to Vancouver’s municipal government, her dedication to lifelong learning, and her commercial pilot’s license. She is a published author and a frequent guest lecturer.

Heather is a proud volunteer Big Sister and has enjoyed serving on Boards including The Nature Trust, Big Sisters, and the Pacific Carbon Trust. In her leisure time she rows competitively, scuba dives, has travelled extensively throughout the world.

I will make you feel like you're my only client.

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