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Retiring Old Clichés

In this survey of UBS clients, financial security is only part of the retirement decision. The prospect of leaving colleagues, losing purpose, and staying engaged keeps many wealthy Boomers working. A warning to those of you feeling that way: our survey says the vast majority of respondents are happier in retirement than they have ever […]


International Pension Gap Index

There are key issues that challenge the sustainability of pension systems, demographic change and public finances being the main factors. This UBS index evaluates 12 pension systems worldwide to assess things like how much workers need to save privately to enjoy an adequate lifestyle during retirement. Click here to read: International Pension Gap Index


Liquidity, Longevity, Legacy

Instead of using ‘risk tolerance’ as the primary guiding factor to building your retirement portfolio, try something different. First think about your Liquidity bucket: test an automatic or nearly automatic income stream for the first few years to cover your known and basic expenses. Then build a Longevity bucket: think about extra spending you want […]


Why Millennials Matter

No investor can afford to ignore the millennial generation, nor can they allow themselves to make false assumptions based on ill-informed stereotypes or near-sighted typecasting. This report explores the ways that the millennial generation is different, and how the impending shift of economic power will significantly influence their expectations and potential compared to prior generations. […]


Investor’s Guide to Corporate Governance

Investors rely on a board of directors to oversee the company’s activities and set its broad strategic direction. The board, in turn, relies on an executive management team to run the business. Investors need to understand what incentives boards and management teams have to act in shareholders’ interest rather than follow their own agenda. Corporate […]


Investing in Education, Beyond the Private School

When you think about investing in education, you probably think about private schools. But do you think about increasing global access to the internet and smartphones allowing students to learn remotely? These systems are cost effective for the student and scale-able for the entrepreneur. Application software design, digital content creation, and multimedia learning solutions are […]